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Faces of Denver

Denver Colorado is a city full of diversity, from its architecture, to its peoples and communities. This blog will look at the many sides of the mile high city.

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Montview Boulevard Presbyterian Church

19th and Dahlia St.

To commemorate Martin Luther King Day I decided to visit the church in which he spoke at back January 24th, 1964. King spent 3 days in the metro area speaking out against racial injustice and for equality. On the 24th he spoke at Montview to a crowd of 3000 people. And interesting fact about that speech is that moments prior to the speech, King got stuck in his dressing room and had to be rescued with a ladder.

King’s visit is certainly a highlight in the history of Montview, but the history of the church is full of great individuals. Maybe they don’t have the recognition that Martin Luther King Jr. has but that doesn’t take away from the numerous hours of community service the church has done in it’s 112 years.

The Montview Presbyterian congregation formed in 1902 with roughly 130 members. Though, membership would grow, as the years went on the church went through 2 expansions. What is unique about that though is that with each expansion a new sanctuary was built right next to the old. All 3 of it’s original sanctuaries have been today combined into one building. The original church built in 1910 today acts as a library, whereas the 2nd expansion appears to be an event hall. The current and largest sanctuary was built in 1954 and is where worship takes place today. the north wall of the 1954 church is visible from the lobby that is part of the whole church today.   

The Montview complex (as I like to call it) is much more than a church. It also contains a daycare and is a hub for many community programs like T’ai Chi and Organ lessons and features lectures from local university professors and has even hosted the Colorado Symphony.